He isn’t the hero anyone wanted.

Dagen isn’t a hero at all, he’s the king’s pigeon keeper.

Blackmailed and backed into a corner, Dagen has no choice but to help his half-brother steal a powerful relic, the Osslian sword. But when Dagen accidentally bonds himself to the sword he discovers the unexpected truth: Osslian is not just a sword, he is a ancient sentient being that now shares control of Dagen’s body.

And Osslian isn’t the only enchanted sword.

The sword Enna has lived in the bodies of her Bearers for centuries. Trapped in their human weakness and longing for the days of her true masters, the Shee who created her and all those like her. And now she has a plan to set them free again.

Osslian remembers the true nature of the Shee, the death and destruction they caused and all those who died to imprison them. He must find a way to stop her, but instead of having a powerful sorcerer as a Bearer, he has a servant.

Dagen and Osslian must learn to work together. If they don’t, then Enna will succeed in freeing the Shee and a new age of death and darkness will begin.

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Farseer Cover“My birth was ordinary; full of a woman’s pain and blood. I didn’t mean to kill her, but I was frightened and I was dying.”

Aesic Dyonn is a Farseer. A souleater with the ability to cut a person’s soul from their body with a mere look. His kind are feared by all, whether they deserve that fear or not.

Valin Amatta is the first person in a long time to approach him directly, despite her fears. So when she comes asking for someone to help investigate the murder of her father, he is compelled to help her, but he finds more on their journey than he bargained for.

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Beneath a Broken Sky - Cover

Quin is the newest generation in a long, proud line of knights, but he less than lives up to his legacy. To earn his knighthood and escape the looming disapproval of his father, he accepts a mission far in the North. There he runs into Arria, an ancient dragon newly awakened, and Keeva, a half blood dragon whose word is as dubious as her birthright. The violent encounter with Arria and her servants leaves Quin’s mentor dead, and him stranded far from the safety of the Knight’s Guild. Keeva is his only ally, but she has a past she cannot escape. Quin finds a kindred soul in Keeva, but their growing friendship holds danger as well as hope.
Arria, her mate slain by Quin’s ancestor, clings to the only thing she has left: grief-stricken revenge that threatens the survival of knights and dragons alike. With Keeva’s help, Quin must dig up a truth long buried and secrets that were never meant to be found. Both knights and dragons need to fight together to defeat Arria, but in his attempt to unite these enemies, will Quin commit the ultimate sin for a knight? To fall in love with a dragon.

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In the Twilight Between

When playing games of power, you better learn fast or die.

Nadya was never one to seek power or authority, but both are thrust on her when she is pulled from her normal life into a strange new world of magic and turmoil. Caught in the middle of a bloody civil war she must choose which side to fight for and which brother to trust: Levah of the White Rose or Tylev Lord of Raven House. But not everything is as it appears. In this world words are power and magic is everywhere, magic that Nadya herself must learn to wield, but darker motives lay just beneath the surface.
Nadya’s decision will turn the tides of war, but the wrong choice could mean she losses her her very soul.

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